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Hala`i Productions
P.O. Box 75061
Honolulu, HI 96836
Phone: 808.371.7741

Background and Influences

J. Ha`alilio Heyer, founder of Hawaiian Music Heaven: Hala`i, has been deeply committed to traditional Hawaiian music for more than a generation, drawing from a family tradition spanning most of the 20th century. Early mentors include his mother, Lahoma Tuck Heyer, and his grandmother, Caroline Peters Tuck. Later on he was fortunate to bask in the light of the late Auntie Violet Pahu Liliko`i, who was legendary for her upright bass technique, her beautiful voice, and her mastery of Hawaiian song and hula. She is one of the "Divas" of the Hapa Haole song style (songs that use both English and Hawaiian language) and the "Tita" (sister in spirit) of the late Auntie Genoa Keawe, who was a premier legend of traditional Hawaiian music.

J. Ha`alilio Heyer poses for convention goers after a big show at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

Ha`alilio Today

Ha`alilio is one of the most visible performers in Hawaii today. He performs a full schedule of Hawaiian music in Waikiki and elsewhere in the major Hawaiian Islands, as well as select touring throughout Asia and Europe. Ha`alilio's experience playing conventions, company parties, and special events such as weddings, receptions, and family get-togethers, make him an ideal choice if you are considering enhancing your program or special event with Hawaiian music.

Hawaiian Music in the Balance

The 21st century is a very delicate time for the Hawaiian Spirit and the Hawaiian way of life. While global popular culture threatens to dilute forever our beautiful Hawaiian song and dance traditions, Ha`alilio remains true to the Aloha Spirit, the foundation of the Hawaiian Experience.

Learn more about the many services Ha`alilio can provide for your special party or function.

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