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Hala`i Productions
P.O. Box 75061
Honolulu, HI 96836
Phone: 808.371.7741

(Special thanks to team member, Isaac Akuna, Hawaii's own "steel guitar playing dentist," who performed on and produced the audio clips you are about to hear.)

Listen to the following MP3 clips of J.Ha`alilio Heyer's trio to get an idea of Hawaiian sounds you can expect.

Featured Songs

  • My Rose of Waikiki - Classic Hapa Haole song (a predominantly English-based Hawaiian-style song). This clip also features guitar, `ukulele, bass, Hawaiian steel guitar, and 3-part harmony.

  • Nani Waimea - Classic Hawaiian song in the Hawaiian language, featuring guitar, `ukulele, bass, and 3-part harmony.

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